Reserving a spot at UI QuickCare or Urgent Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What does reserving a spot mean?
UI Health Care has a new online self-scheduling service for UI QuickCare and Urgent Care clinics. When you need to visit one of our UI QuickCare or Urgent Care clinics, reserving a spot in advance allows you to choose the clinic you want to visit and pick the estimated time slot you want to be seen by our providers. This can mean less time spent in the waiting room, because you can arrive at the clinic closer to the time you'll be seen. You can visit UI QuickCare or Urgent Care to reserve your time slot before you visit.
What are the benefits of reserving a spot at UI QuickCare or Urgent Care in advance?
When you reserve a spot online, you choose the time that works best for you. Then you can continue your work day, run errands, or just relax at home. And MyChart users can use eCheck-in to fill out their paperwork—such as insurance information and medical history—online, before arriving at the clinic. This gives you the option to arrive at the clinic closer to the time you'll be seen, which means less time spent sitting in the waiting room.
When should I use UI QuickCare or Urgent Care?
Use UI QuickCare or Urgent Care any time you need care for an acute illness that requires same-day care. If it's an emergency, you should dial 911 instead. UI QuickCare and Urgent Care are not meant for appointments for chronic health issues or preventative care. You should make those appointments with your primary care provider as you normally would.
How do I choose between going to UI QuickCare or Urgent Care?
Both UI QuickCare and Urgent Care treat acute illnesses, but Urgent Care has added services, like X-ray, IV fluids, comprehensive on-site lab services, and offers extended evening and weekend hours and even some holiday hours.
Do I need to check in when I arrive?
Yes. When you get to the clinic, check in with our staff so they know that you're ready to be seen. Be sure to bring your insurance information with you.
Is it a scheduled appointment?
No. Reserving a spot online lets you pick an estimated time to be seen. It's a way to help you choose when to arrive at the clinic, and that can reduce the amount of time you need to spend sitting in the waiting room.
Will I be seen at the time I sign up for?
The time you sign up for your UI QuickCare or Urgent Care visit is only an estimate. The actual time you are seen will depend on several factors, including the number of patients already being treated in the clinic and the variety of their illnesses.
Will I be the first to see a provider?
Patients who need more urgent or immediate care generally receive attention sooner. Your actual wait time may change based on our staff's assessment of each arriving patient, including walk-in patients who were unable to use the reservation tool.
Do I have to reserve a spot before I visit UI QuickCare or Urgent Care?
If there isn't a time that works for you, you can still contact the clinic by phone and ask about walk-in availability.
What if I am late for my arrival time?
If you get to the clinic more than 10 minutes after the arrival time you chose, your slot will not be held, but you can still check in as a walk-in patient.