Specialty Care for Female Athletes

You have unique needs when it comes to training, injury, and recovery. Your anatomy and your unique hormonal environment affect how you move and what your metabolism demands of you every day.

Please note: We made this video before the COVID-19 pandemic. UI Health Care staff follow our most current guidance to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when seeing patients. Get more information about our safety efforts.

We specialize in working with female athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our comprehensive approach to women’s sports medicine puts you at the center of a team of specialists dedicated to providing the personalized attention you deserve as you recover from injuries, minimize the risk of future injuries, and optimize your lifelong wellness.

Female Athletes Face Different Challenges at Every Stage of Life.

For example:

Women are About Three Times More Likely than Men to Have ACL Tears.

We understand the factors that can increase how likely it is for you to tear an ACL and what you can do to stay safe and healthy.

Maintaining Good Bone Health is Crucial for Active Women.

Menstrual cycles affect your bone health and your risk of stress injuries. We prioritize bone health in our care plans.

Pregnancy and Postpartum have a Profound Effect on Physical Activity and Recovery.

Overall fitness is an essential component of healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery, but the approach is different for every person. Having the right team in place is so important during this exciting and dynamic time in your life.

Your UI Sports Medicine care team has expertise in physical therapy, nutrition, psychology, women’s health, and endocrinology and works as a cohesive unit to help you reach your goals.

Your Visit Will Include Informed Discussion About Your Health and Can Include:

We’re the same experts who treat the Iowa Hawkeyes. Choose the team that knows what female athletes need to succeed.

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