Sport & Performance Psychology Services

Your state of mind affects your athletic performance. 

So, it is important that your brain and body work together—regardless of your sport, skill level, or exercise routine.  

At UI Sports Medicine, our sport and performance psychology specialist can help you uncover the issues that may be preventing you from performing at your best.  

Our sport psychology services focus on aspects such as: 

  • Performance enhancements skills 
  • Psychological recovery from injury   
  • Mindfulness strategies  
  • Increasing confidence and enjoyment 
  • Managing transitions in sport or exercise 
  • Effective goal-setting 

Whether you’re struggling with pre-match nerves, looking to enhance your workout or athletic performance, or seeking more meaning and enjoyment out of physical activity, we can help you accomplish your goals and reach your peak potential. 

Not covered under your insurance?

No problem. Self-Pay pricing is available 

$150 per hour 

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation