STEM - Visitor Appreciation

Health Academy Day 2012

University of Iowa Health Care STEM Education programs have engaged more than 38,500 K-12 students in the past 2 years.

UI Health Care faculty, staff, and students play an integral role in outreach education to the community and school-aged students.

More than 300 faculty, staff, and students volunteered approximately 1,500 hours of their time to engage students in STEM educational experiences last year alone! Take a look at what the students are saying!

Student Testimonials

"I liked working with the ‘patient’ [actor]. It gave me a better idea of what being a doctor or nurse would be like.” - 12th grade girl
“It was really cool to see how med students do patient simulations.” - 12th grade girl
“I learned how intense the patient interactions can be, and how well you have to think on your feet!” - 11th grade girl
“By seeing all the different routes you can take in medicine and health care, I became more interested in going into health care and realized I can learn about science while also caring for people.” - 11th grade boy

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