Ways you can help

Holding a donor drive

Many, many life-saving donors joined the registry at a donor drive sponsored by the family and friends of a patient in need, a volunteer, organization, student group or company.

If you are considering holding a donor drive, contact us.  We will help you every step of the way and will provide donor drive materials for publicity and for the day of the event.  

To get started, contact us: imdp@uiowa.edu
or call Elena Dietz at 1-319-356-3337

Donate financially

Help us save more lives by supporting our donor recruitment efforts.  We turn your donations into hope for patients in need through committed donor recruitment and registration.

Financially support our life-saving efforts.

Sharing our information through social media

Would you like to help us find life-savers for patients in need?  By sharing our information through social media, you may help register someone’s perfect match.  

Like us on Facebook and share our stories or contact us for image content so you can run your own posts. Simply email us at imdp@uiowa.edu or call Elena Dietz at 1-319-356-3337.