Why eHealth for Iowa?

Our goal is to connect people so that health care can be provided by the right individuals at the right time in a location that delivers the best possible outcome.

Telehealth is especially important to Iowans because Iowa is predominantly a rural state with an aging population. Hospitals and healthcare systems are located in dozens of small- and medium-sized communities, many of which have a shortage of healthcare specialists. There are thousands of dedicated doctors, nurses, and health-care professionals in local Iowa communities, and the Signal Center for Health Innovation is working to enhance their delivery of healthcare by providing access to specialists at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

eHealth on Iowa’s Terms

As we address our state’s health care needs with new and changing technologies, we remain focused on these Iowa values:

  • To make your experience more pleasant and with the best outcome possible
  • To have your local doctor remain your key health care provider
  • To improve access and the speed of your care
  • To provide your doctor with the most advanced information available
  • To provide your care in a setting that’s close to home