Cancer Research

World-class cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment begin with the vision and determination of cancer researchers.
At Iowa, we have attracted some of the world’s best.

Cancer specialists conferring

Iowa’s Only Comprehensive Cancer Center

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa is designated as comprehensive by the National Cancer Institute. That designation demonstrates the importance we place on research to find personalized approaches to prevention, early detection, and treatment that successfully combat a disease that takes on so many different forms.

A Deeper Understanding of Cancer

University of Iowa cancer experts take an in-depth, multidisciplinary approach to better understand the workings of cancer. They study its behavior on a molecular level, on how it influences whole populations, and how it affects patients and their families, based on genetics and the environment.

Cancer doctor examines patient

Clinical Trials

At any given time, we are actively conducting more than 200 clinical trials, in some cases providing novel treatment options before they are widely available. Many are based on discoveries made in our own laboratories.

From the Laboratory to the Treatment Clinic

Our work takes place in laboratories, in public health settings, and, most importantly for our patients, right in our clinics, inpatient units, and operating rooms. Our comprehensive approach to cancer research assures that your care will be among the most up-to-date and effective ways to treat your particular cancer.

Areas of Excellence

Our commitment to advancing cancer prevention, early detection and treatment takes many approaches.  Several of our programs have earned acclaim from national research organizations around the country, including the National Cancer Institute. Your cancer care benefits from the groundbreaking understandings generated by these areas of excellence.


We seek contributions from experts with many different backgrounds, including cancer researchers from 6 University of Iowa colleges.  Many cancer advances made at Iowa result from collaborations between researchers with very different backgrounds and areas of expertise, united in a common goal of advancing science and using that information to help patients.

Support for Cancer Research

The generous support for cancer research comes from many sources, and those who choose to give are motivated by different reasons. Donations help us gather the best minds and resources to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

Core Facilities

Cancer research takes place in many settings, from high-tech labs to extensive online databases. Our tradition at Iowa is to create outstanding centralized facilities and make them available to all of our researchers—here, throughout Iowa, and at other collaborating academic medical centers.

Resources for Our Cancer Members

Our cancer research members meet regularly to share information and create opportunities for new multi-disciplinary collaborations.

UI Cancer Research in the News

The findings are fascinating, and we are excited to share these stories with other researchers and the general public.