Multiple Myeloma Program

Our specialists have each treated more than 5,000 multiple myeloma patients over two decades. The Multiple Myeloma Program at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Iowa's only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, is known for its tandem autologous transplant treatment, an approach offered at very few medical centers around the country.

Research demonstrates that the median survival rate with this treatment process is 10 years or more and that 80% of newly diagnosed myeloma patients will achieve complete remission. No other treatment method for multiple myeloma has proven to be as effective in research studies.

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Why Choose Holden For Your Care?

Patients of Holden Cancer Center benefit from a team-based approach that puts each patient at the center. At Holden, experts in specific cancer types—including a genetic counselor certified and specializing in cancer genetic counseling—is part of this team.

Holden patients also benefit from medical advances that take into account an individual’s tumor, genes, environment, and lifestyle to diagnose and treat their specific types of cancer. Known as personalized, or precision medicine, this highly specialized approach is part of Holden’s commitment to providing life-changing medical treatments and care.

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Multiple Myeloma Care Team

Multiple myeloma patients are seen in the Cancer Clinic, operated by Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center and located at Elevator M, Level 1 in the Pomerantz Pavilion of University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

This spacious facility, which opened in December 2011, was designed by patients with patients in mind. The new space facilitates the team approach that has long been a hallmark of Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center in care for our patients.

Nurse Practitioner, Internal Medicine

Physician Assistant, Internal Medicine

Patient Education Specialist

  • Paula McCue, MA, RN, OCN

Clinic Nurse

  • Jacque Gingerich, BSN, RN

Clinical Research Associate

  • Megan Chandler, BSN, OCN

Transplant Coordinator

  • Annette Norlands, RN, BSN, BMTCN
  • Stephanie Palmer, BSN, RN

Social Worker

  • Denise Kanne, MSW