COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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UI Health Care will not ask for your social security number or credit card information in order to schedule a vaccination. If you receive a call that asks for this, it is not our organization and you should hang up.

UI Health Care COVID-19 Vaccinations

The COVID-19 vaccines are bringing hope to millions of people, and UI Health Care is proud to be part of the effort to make the world safer and healthier.

COVID-19 vaccines are being made available to the public based on guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH). UI Health Care is working with community and public health partners to distribute the doses it receives from the state and Johnson County Public Health.

You shouldn't wait for a certain vaccine–find out why:

The first available appointment for a vaccine is the best one for you and our community. If you have the opportunity to be vaccinated elsewhere, such as through your local pharmacy, we encourage you to accept that appointment to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

We are excited about the State of Iowa’s expansion of COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to all Iowans over age 12. Getting a vaccine for all Iowans who want one will still require time and patience.

Schedule your COVID-19 vaccination

Individuals ages 12 and older are now eligible to receive a vaccination for COVID-19.

We recommend that you get the vaccine at your first opportunity rather than waiting for an appointment to become available through UI Health Care. If your local pharmacy or county health department offers you an appointment, you should accept that appointment and get vaccinated.

You have two ways to schedule through UI Health Care:

What is a COVID-19 vaccine? And are they safe?

David Conway, RN receives a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine

A vaccine is medicine used to boost your body’s immune system to prevent a disease. COVID-19 vaccines give you immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19.

The COVID-19 vaccines have gone through the same testing and analysis that is used for all vaccines to make sure they’re safe and effective.

Explore frequently asked questions

Our specialty care teams are collecting information for their patients who have questions about whether the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for them. If you’re receiving specialty care or expect to need specialty care in the near future and you have concerns about getting vaccinated, check this section regularly for updates.

Already vaccinated or not able to get one yet? Still keep up your safety behaviors

Illustration of a woman wearing a mask

Wear a mask outside your home

Illustration of two people standing 6 feet apart

Keep your distance from others

Illustration of a large gathering of people who are not social distancing

Avoid medium to large gatherings

Illustration of a person that is wearing a mask waving at a plane flying away

Delay nonessential travel

Illustration of a person and a thermometer

Watch for COVID-19 symptoms

Illustration of a person using a computer

Follow all safety guidelines

As vaccination rollout will take time, it is important that we all continue to follow our safety behaviors. For those who are already vaccinated, it is still important that you continue to follow the behaviors necessary to keep everyone safe who is not able to receive a vaccine yet.

The health and safety of patients and staff is our highest priority. Here is what UI Health Care is doing to support Iowans during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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