Coronavirus (COVID-19) Toolkit

Resources for your health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

How you stay safe

Get the facts about COVID-19

Prepare yourself and your family by getting informed about the coronavirus and about what you can do to stay safe and healthy and help prevent the virus from spreading.

Stay safe with face coverings

Face masks and shields are a great way to keep you and others safe out in the community.

Worried you're sick?

Don't wait for care. UI Health Care has everything you need to get medical help safely.

Wash your hands, stay physically distant

There are more ways to stop the outbreak once you've mastered masking. Use these resources to make sure you're stopping the spread whenever you can.

Take care of your mind and body

UI Health Care experts share strategies for maintaining mental health while dealing with the major life changes that we are all facing during the pandemic.

How you can help

It takes a community to fight a pandemic. Looking for ways to do your part? Start here.