Dynamic warmup for runners

A dynamic warmup includes dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching is a way of stretching while you’re working the muscles and joints you use when you run. Doing this type of stretching before every run can help you prepare your body for running and reduce your risk of injury.

Dynamic stretching is different from ordinary ‘static’ stretching.

In static stretching, you usually hold a position for an extended period of time. When you perform dynamic stretches, you are actively moving your joints and muscles. 

Dynamic stretching prepares you for running by:

  • Getting more blood and oxygen to your muscles 
  • Raising your core body temperature
  • Helping your joints move more smoothly

You should not perform static stretching before you exercise. Static stretching should be done after you exercise, when your body is warm and loose. 

Dynamic warmup exercises for runners

Dynamic stretching warms up your body and gets a sweat going before you work out.

Perform a dynamic warmup before every run. You should also do this warmup before you perform the plyometric exercises described later in this program.

In this video, the exercises are performed over a span of about 15 feet to make it easy for you to see how they’re done. When you do them, you can perform each one over a span of up to 40 feet. Find a distance that works best for you. If you’re not sure, start with a shorter distance.

Do one rep of each exercise.

  • 0:00 Knee hug to calf raise
  • 0:25 Figure-4 hip stretch
  • 0:49 Soldier walks
  • 1:06 Lunge twist
  • 1:35 High knees
  • 1:45 Glute kicks
  • 1:55 Forward/backward skips
  • 2:17 Lateral shuffles
  • 2:29 Backpedal
  • 2:39 Grapevine
Last reviewed: 
December 2018

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