Injury-free running exercises

Running can be great for your health. But the risk of injuring yourself while running is high, especially if you’re a novice runner. Up to 65 percent of all runners have a running-related injury in any given year.

To help you stay injury-free while you run, the physical therapists at University of Iowa Sports Medicine have created videos showing you exercises that can maximize your performance so you can continue to enjoy the health benefits running offers.

This program has three sections:

Dynamic warmup for runners

A dynamic warmup prepares your body for running by increasing blood flow to your muscles, raising your body temperature, and improving the motion of your joints.

Plyometrics workout for runners

Plyometrics prepare your legs for the quick, forceful movements they make during running.

Strength workout for runners

These exercises improve the strength of all of the muscles that you use while running.

Workout jargon: reps and sets

Exercises are performed in “reps” (repetitions) and “sets.”

  • “Reps” tells you how many times to do the exercise in one try. For example, if you do 10 pushups in a row, that counts as 10 reps.
  • “Sets” tells you how many times you should repeat the number of reps. For example, if you do 10 reps of pushups, take a rest, and then do 10 more reps of pushups, you’ve done two sets of 10 pushups.

All of the exercises in this program are intended for runners who are not currently injured and who are in proper physical condition to participate in an exercise program that includes running. Please consult your primary care provider or physical therapist before starting this or any other exercise program.

Last reviewed: 
December 2018

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