Instructions for handling gas permeable contact lenses

These lenses are custom designed and fit for your eyes. Exceptional care is taken in their fabrication. They are extremely thin to provide maximum comfort; however, this factor makes the lenses more fragile than thicker lenses. Do not hold the lens by its edge and do not put too much pressure on the lens. Flexing the lens between the fingers can cause permanent warpage or break the lens.

Do not panic if you encounter difficulty removing your lenses. A drop of rewetting solution in the eye will generally float the lens sufficiently to make removal easier. A lens on the white of the eye can stay there for long periods and does not damage the eye. Stay calm when removing your lens. If you feel upset by the inability to remove the lens, take a break and return to it when you are calmer.

Wearing time schedule

Day Hours
1 4-6
2 6-8
3 8-10
4 10-12
5 12-14

Maximum wearing time will be determined at your follow-up appointment.

When you haven’t worn your lenses for a few days, cut your wearing time in half for the first day and increase wearing time two hours per day after that. When you haven’t worn your lenses one week or longer, you will need to start your wearing time over. Do not rush your wearing time!

Last reviewed: 
August 2015

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