UI CareLink

Communication and coordinated care services for referring providers

When you refer a patient to University of Iowa Health Care, you are placing your trust in us. Providing the best medical care—and coordinating and communicating your patient’s care with you—is a privilege and a responsibility we take seriously.

UI CareLink provides physicians and other health care providers who refer patients to UI Health Care a secure and up-to-date online resource for following a patient’s treatment and progress.

UI CareLink Benefits

With UI CareLink, you can:

  • Refer a patient to a UI Health Care provider electronically.
  • View medical records, including procedure notes, surgery reports, clinic notes, medications, and lab results.
  • Download patient records related to your referral that can be printed or imported into your electronic medical record.
  • Upload patient records and information.

Ready to use UI Carelink?

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in becoming a UI CareLink user, please contact University of Iowa Health Care at 1-319-384-9158 or uicarelink@uiowa.edu.

Frequently asked questions about UI CareLink

What benefits does UI CareLink offer?

  • View medical records, including procedure notes, surgery reports, clinic notes, medications, and lab results
  • Download patient records related to your referral that can be printed or imported into your electronic medical record
  • Upload patient records and information

What’s the time period for viewing my patient’s medical record?

You are able to view information for 90 days after the patient’s last encounter at UI Hospital & Clinics, online via the UI CareLink program.

Can my office staff get its own account?

Yes. This will allow your staff to access patient reports for individual physicians or members of the practice group.

Your practice group will be responsible for notifying UI CareLink of any staff changes.

How am I notified of new information concerning my patients?

A number of triggering events will prompt an email notification alerting you to access UI CareLink for new information about your referred patient. You will receive at most one email prompt per day if one of the following events occurs:

  • Inpatient admission
  • Outpatient visit arrived/checked in
  • Inpatient discharge
  • Emergency Department admission

Am I able to see my patient’s entire medical record?

You are able to view the medical records related to a referral you or your provider group has made. Examples of available documentation include: progress notes, clinic notes, procedure reports, discharge summaries, surgery reports, labs, and radiology and pathology reports.

If the patient has had other care provided at UI Hospitals & Clinics not related to the referral your provider group has made, that portion of the medical record is not available.

Can I reply to UI Hospitals & Clinics physicians through UI CareLink?

Not at this time. Please contact the specialist by phone.

Is UI CareLink a replacement for physician-to-physician collaboration?

No. This is an enhancement to the communication and relationship with you, the referring physician/provider. Personal communication, over the phone or in person, is still a vital part of our collaborative care of the patients you refer.

Can I submit a release-of-information request?

Yes. Release-of-information requests should be faxed to UI Health Care Health Information Management at 1-319-356-3949.

How does UI Hospitals & Clinics verify the referring relationships?

Patients at UI Hospitals & Clinics are asked during every visit if they would like to provide the name of a primary or referring physician who should receive communication regarding the visit. If the patient lists the name of a UI CareLink physician, this is considered an established relationship, and that physician will receive medical information associated with that visit. If the patient does not share a provider’s name, no established relationship has been made, which means information regarding the encounter will not be shared.

Can I upload files?

Yes. The maximum file size is 100 MB. Allowed file types are JPEG, WAV, MPG, PDF, DOC, TIF, JPG, TXT, XLS, PNG, BMP, GIF, DOCX, and MP4.

Why can’t I find a patient who I referred to UI Hospitals & Clinics?

The patient did not list you as the referring or primary care provider when checking in, or the provider’s name was removed at the patient’s request. UI CareLink offers access to records for 90 days after the visit. Contact UI Health Care Health Information Management at 1-319-356-1719 or him-consentform@uiowa.edu for further assistance or to submit a release-of-information request.