Instructions for handling soft contact lenses

Wash your hands before handling your lenses. Do not use any soap containing cream, lotion, oil, or perfume.

Keep nails short, filed, and clean.

Develop the habit of working with the same lens first and keep one cap on your lens case to avoid mix-ups.

The risk of complications increases when you don’t adhere to solutions prescribed for you. Switching or mixing products could cause irritation.

Only use solutions prescribed by your doctor as being compatible with your contact lenses and ocular surface. If desire to change solution brands, be sure to ask your doctor if it is OK to use alternative solutions.

Red tip is wrong! Contact lens cleaners have a red tip/cap. This solution is toxic to the eye and should not be applied directly to the eye.

To insert soft contact lenses

  1. Wash hands
  2. Inspect lens
  3. Insert lens

To remove soft contact lenses

  1. Wash hands
  2. Remove lens
  3. Clean lens
  4. Rinse with recommended solution
  5. Soak lens in disinfecting solution

Never let a soft contact lens become dry. Never soak them in tap water or distilled water. If lenses dry out, they will become brittle. Should this occur, however, soak the lens in your solution or saline for a few minutes. Then, if the lens does not appear damaged, continue with your disinfection regimen. If the lens is uncomfortable after you insert it, throw it away and use a new lens.

You should work into your wearing schedule to prevent adaptation problems:

Wearing time schedule

Day Hours
1 4-6
2 6-8
3 8-10
4 10-12
5 12-14

Maximum wearing time will be determined at your follow-up appointment.

When you haven’t worn your lenses for a few days, cut your wearing time in half for the first day and increase wearing time two hours per day after that. When you haven’t worn your lenses one week or longer, you will need to start your wearing time over. Do not rush your wearing time!

Last reviewed: 
September 2015

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