Lower extremity injury prevention

University of Iowa Sports Medicine clinicians support the FIFA 11+ complete warm-up program to reduce lower extremity (LE) injury.

Of the injury risk programs, the FIFA 11+ is:

  • One of the most studied and validated for soccer injury prevention.
  • Up to 30-40% reduction in LE injury as a result of integrating into practice as a pre-participation warm up.
  • Primary focus w/FIFA 11+ is in LE and trunk positioning while performing running, strength training, plyometrics and balance exercises.
  • Field set up is easy and simple, and full warm up is completed in 20 minutes.
  • These warm up videos are intended for athletes age 13 and over


Part I–Running exercises

Part II–Strength/plyometrics/balance

Part III–Running exercises

Last reviewed: 
January 2021

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