Preparing for polysomnography-overnight sleep study

What to expect during your study

Polysomnography, also known as an attended overnight sleep study, is conducted in a facility based sleep lab where you are continually monitored by a trained sleep technologist. During the study, electrodes and sensors are gently applied allowing us to assess your stages of sleep by recording brainwaves (EEG), eye movements (EOG), and muscle tone (chin EMG).  Your breathing patterns will be assessed with sensors that measure airflow, respiratory effort, oxygen saturation, and snoring.  Leg movements and heart rate are monitored as well.  

You will sleep in a private bedroom with a private bathroom.  The room is equipped with video/audio monitoring so the technologist can monitor and communicate with you during the night.  This is also used to aid in the interpretation of your study. You will be able to sleep in any position.  If you need to get up in the night, your technologist will assist you.  

In the morning, all sensors are removed, and you are free to leave.  Breakfast snacks are available in our waiting area.  The results of your study will be sent to your referring provider within 2 weeks.

How to prepare for your study

  • Hair should be clean and dry; avoid oils and gels
  • Remove acrylic nails and polish from your index fingers
  • Avoid napping the day of your study
  • Eat as you normally would
  • Take your usual medications
  • Minors (under age18) and dependent adults must bring 1 parent or guardian

What to bring to your study

  • Any medications you need to take during the study period (in their original containers)
  • Comfortable bed clothes 
  • Toiletries used for your bedtime and morning routine
  • Anything to make you more comfortable such as a favorite pillow

Directions to the Sleep Disorder Center

We are not located in the main hospital. Our entrance is on the back side of the Centers for Disability and Development (CDD) building. Parking is not available in the front of the CDD building. Please park in University Hospital Parking Ramp 1. Parking Ramp 1 is on Hospital Loop Drive, directly northwest of general hospital entrance. Exit Ramp 1 through the glass doors heading outside, cross the road, turn left, and follow the sidewalk until you are directly behind Ramp 1. Follow signs to the Sleep Disorders Center (do not go down the hill).  Upon arrival, please push the help button on the red box to the left of the entrance to alert staff you have arrived. 

Last reviewed: 
August 2018
Alternative Names: 
sleep study

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