Ultrasound guided egg retrieval


Before egg retrieval (2 to 3 days)

  • The care team will give you a book and talk about retrieval.
  • The doctor will review your history and get your informed consent.
  • Fresh semen collection is scheduled at the time of egg retrieval, unless using donor sperm or planned frozen sperm. If a sperm sample was frozen for back up, it can be thawed and used to inseminate the eggs, if needed.

During the procedure

  • Ultrasound is used to help move a special needle through the back of the vagina and into ovarian follicles. 
  • The eggs are drawn out of the follicles with gentle suction. 
  • IV medicine is used for sedation and comfort. 
  • It takes less than an hour.

After egg retrieval

  • You will be given information about the number and maturity of eggs obtained following retrieval.
  • After a period of close observation, the patient is ready to leave the recovery area with an adult’s assistance. Recovery time for ultrasound guided oocyte retrieval is generally one to two hours.


Last reviewed: 
November 2021

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