Hearing Aid Clinic

Our staff provides comprehensive hearing aid services for any age from very young infants to children and adults who have hearing loss. Our center dispenses a variety of digital, programmable, and analog hearing aids. Depending on the type and degree of hearing loss, you may be a candidate for an implantable hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Services

  • Consultations
  • Fitting of the hearing aid using real-ear measurements to objectively maximize a patient's auditory capabilities
  • Follow-up care
  • Selection of the most appropriate hearing aid

In addition to hearing aid services, UI Hearing Aid Center provides consultations and assistance in purchasing a variety of assistive listening devices (ALDs). Most ALDs substitute a vibration or light signal for the acoustic signal.

Popular ALDs include vibrating alarm clocks and wristwatches, telephone amplifiers, and devices that alert a person to the sound of a baby's cry, the doorbell or telephone ringing. Information about the voice-carry-over relay system for individuals who cannot understand over the telephone is also available.