Anna Sponseller: Becoming a nurse during a global pandemic

Anna Sponseller, RN

Imagine graduating from college, accepting your first nursing job, and then starting work in a COVID-19 unit. That’s exactly what Anna Sponseller, RN, experienced.

 “When I began in March, we were the first floor to take COVID patients and now we are full. We practice our typical nurse roles, while also learning to properly nurse patients with COVID.”

As a new graduate, Sponseller wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to her first nursing job and caring for patients with the new virus.

I could never have imagined what this was going to be like. It was a lot to take on, but my coworkers have been so helpful, and I’ve learned so much since my first day on the job.

— Anna Sponseller, RN

Sponseller sees COVID-19 up close every day of her job. She hopes everyone takes precautions to avoid infection.

“It is a very serious disease,” she says. “Something as easy as wearing a mask could save someone’s life or someone’s mother or someone’s grandparents.”

Sponseller is grateful to learn from and work with an amazing group of health care providers.

“We are all so busy,” she says. “Some days seem like a bigger bite than we can chew. We all have our own patients, but everyone has been willing to stop what they’re doing to help others.”