Taking a teamwork approach to patient care

Heather Day

Heather Day was raised with the philosophy that if there’s work to be done, you do it.

“If there’s any job—whether it’s cleaning the floor or putting an IV in—I’m happy to do it, because whatever gives the patients the best outcome and satisfaction, and keeps the team happy, I’m all for it,” says Day, assistant nurse manager at UI Health Care—Iowa River Landing (IRL).

Jessica Keely, RN, says Day always goes above and beyond for the staff in the IRL Procedure Suite.

She is unlike any other assistant nurse manager I have ever worked for; she makes you feel appreciated for your hard work. Heather is truly the best version of a manager to have, and I feel lucky to work with her.

— Jessica Keely, RN

Day says patients recognize the rapport she and her staff share.

“They see people getting along, working together, not with scowls on their face,” she says. “We’re all talking and communicating, you hear it, and you just feel safe.”

Teamwork required

Name a procedure and Day’s team at IRL probably offers it. Teamwork in this busy environment is important to successful patient outcomes.

“Heather always finds time to help us when we are very busy in the procedure suite,” says Keely. “She is always jumping in to help make sure our unit continues to run smoothly.”

Day says she simply treats others as she’d wish to be treated. She’s grateful for her co-workers.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere about my team, and I think they all do a great job,” she says. “Anyone one of them could take care of me.”

A future of learning

Day enjoys her job and is thankful to work for UI Hospitals & Clinics.

The university has been good to me. I am going back to school to get my master’s in administration to see what doors that opens up, or what I can learn to use it in my role as an assistant nurse manager.

— Heather Day

When she’s not at work, Day enjoys reading fiction, hanging out with her kids, and exercising. Both at home and at work, Day says she takes away the good from everybody and looks forward to new experiences.

“There are always opportunities to learn,” she says. “I’m lucky, because I feel like I learn something new every day.”