Partial Hospitalization Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program is an alternative to inpatient care in that individuals participate in structured therapy programs during the day and spend the night at home. Treatment plans are designed by a multi-disciplinary team and include both individual and group counseling as well as medication management. Some individuals enter the program directly and others transition from inpatient stay. Treatment may last from several weeks to a few months.

Program Goals

Stress Management

  • To develop healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety
  • To develop and improve relaxation techniques
  • To explore and develop self-nurturing and self-soothing skills as a way to decrease stress and anxiety and to increase relaxation

Self Awareness

  • To develop and improve self-esteem
  • To develop self-nurturing skills
  • To identify thoughts and feeling
  • To increase assertive communication skills
  • To explore a variety of personal and leisure resource to utilize to structure free time and to utilize for self-nurturing and or stress management

Community Integration

  • Opportunities to practice coping skills and problem solving techniques

Health and Wellness

  • To increase level of energy and motivation
  • To identify the benefits of exercise and activity
  • To participate in healthy forms of exercise
  • To develop and encourage teamwork and cooperation
  • To self-regulate