Patient Stories

First-in-Iowa procedure offers new TAVR option for patients with artery damage

Alan Leff in front of his University Heights home
Alan couldn’t have a standard TAVR, so UI cardiologist Philip Horwitz, MD, used transcaval TAVR to repair his aortic valve without open-heart surgery.

Spine surgery helps Denise return to active life after agonizing back pain

Denise Flory photo
After trying physical therapy and pain medicine, Denise turned to the UI Health Care Spine Center for relief.

After his lifesaving liver transplant, Greg builds a new life with help from the mother of his donor

With expert medical care from the UI Organ Transplant Center, Greg is back to living a normal life as a teacher, husband, and father.

After months of post-COVID complications, Darcy gets the coordinated, expert care she needs

Darcy Havel-Sturdevant sitting on a couch
The UI Health Care Respiratory Illness Follow-Up Clinic provides expert pulmonology care and referrals to other specialists for long-term symptoms of COVID-19.

Expert care saves mother and baby during pregnancy emergency

At 23 weeks Ivy needed an emergency C-section, and our high-risk pregnancy experts were ready to deliver her baby and save her life.

ECMO patient makes great recovery after COVID-19 diagnosis, but still has a long road ahead of her

Jaime Humes hugging son
For two weeks in late August and early September 2020, Jaime Humes stayed isolated in a hospital room near her hometown of DeWitt, Iowa, diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia and unable to see family or friends. The only human contact she had was with the members of her care team, who monitored her oxygen levels, administered medications, or changed her body position.

How the Respiratory Illness Follow-Up Clinic put Jesse Espinoza on the road to recovery

Jesse Espinosa
Jesse Espinoza was on high alert when his 16-year-old niece came home from work with the sniffles.

Surgical skill and reassuring personal attention help six-year-old Sahara heal after a badly broken arm

Our pediatric orthopedics experts repaired multiple breaks in Sahara’s arm, all while helping to make the experience less scary for her—and for her parents.

Needing a transplant during COVID-19, UI law student receives lifesaving kidney from his mother

When Gina vowed to donate a kidney to her son during the pandemic, the University of Iowa Organ Transplant Center supported her every step of the way.

After total shoulder replacement, Rita continues her mission to rebuild homes

Anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty helped Rita get back to living a pain-free life as a disaster-relief volunteer.