Patient Stories

Tendon transfer frees Lisa from her foot brace

UI Health Care’s orthopedic foot and ankle specialists repaired Lisa’s foot deformity after her stroke, and now she can walk and stand without a brace.

Welcoming your first baby during a pandemic

Michael and Tina Lung hold their daughter, Makayla Lily Lung, outside by a field of sunflowers
Becoming a parent for the first time can be scary. Having your first baby during a worldwide pandemic can add another layer of anxiety. And when you’re a medical student, you’re extra sensitive to potential complications.

Amana family known for great service impressed by neurosurgeons’ dedication to excellent patient care

The UI Health Care neurosurgery team has treated Carol and her parents with the same kind of high-quality care and service they provided to customers for years.

Options and honest, caring conversations guide Dennis to successful Peyronie’s disease treatment

Amy Pearlman, MD, talks with Dennis about his treatment options.
UI Health Care’s Men’s Health Program gave Dennis access to a wider range of options for his Peyronie’s treatments than his local urologist could.

Owen got rid of his pain by asking for a second opinion on spine surgery

The orthopedic spine surgery team at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics specializes in the revision surgery Owen needed to return to his active life.

After hip preservation surgery, Becky hikes to a mountaintop in Brazil

Rebekah Hall, photo
The University of Iowa Young Adult Hip Clinic is the only clinic in Iowa that performs the periacetabular osteotomy Becky needed to return to her active life.

ECMO leads to a happy ending for a pregnant mother with COVID-19

Aquarius Bunch and Sharon Beth Larson, DO
Aquarius Bunch, 27, a pregnant mother who was diagnosed with COVID-19, was discharged from UI Hospitals & Clinics on May 10 after receiving care from our teams.

Rotator cuff surgery ends Chris’s shoulder pain so he can enjoy being a grandfather

Chris returned to living a full life with help from UI Sports Medicine surgeon Brian Wolf, MD, who specializes in less-invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

New type of ACL surgery helps Sage earn a spot on one of the nation’s top college wrestling teams

UI Sports Medicine uses the innovative quadricep tendon graft procedure for ACL repair to get athletes back to action sooner.

A skin graft—and a little distraction—helps to save Jonathan’s badly injured finger

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Emergency room doctors thought Jonathan’s finger might need to be amputated, but UI Health Care hand surgeon Lindsey S. Caldwell, MD, knew how to save it.