Patient Stories

UI cardiology expertise earns Tracy’s trust and restores his lost quality of life

Tracy Tvedte of North Liberty
Tracy Tvedte of North Liberty, Iowa, was skeptical about his cardiac consultation last fall. Six years after an aortic dissection, he was still searching for a way to end the blackouts and irregular heartbeat episodes that had affected his quality of life.

Minimally invasive heart surgery keeps Jim running, biking, and living a full life at age 76

The experts at the UI Heart and Vascular Center use minimally invasive valve replacement surgery for shorter recovery times.

With personalized sports medicine care during pregnancy, Carly stays active safely—even while recovering from a foot injury

Patient Carly Paul by a lake
UI Sports Medicine specializes in helping endurance athletes recover from injury and optimize their training.

Against all odds: Plastic surgery team prevails over limb-threating frostbite for two Iowa men

Plastic surgery team in the operating room
Two patients have now become friends and share a unique link secondary to their devastating frostbite injuries.

After Drew's severe post-COVID-19 infection reaction, a heart pump saves his life

Drew and provider
Interventional cardiologists at the UI Heart and Vascular Center use the latest minimally invasive techniques to help patients recover faster.

Serving his country, honoring his doctor

Grant Day photo
Grant Day credits the care he received at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics after a snowmobile accident with being able to later join the National Guard and become a firefighter.

Two little miracles: UI IVF clinic helps Iowa couple overcome barriers to starting a family

Mother and daughter
Life with an infant and toddler can be a bit hectic at times, but Alisha and Ross Stottmeister of Tiffin, Iowa, are grateful for every moment. They know their daughters Mila, 3, and Charlotte, who was born in May 2021, might not be here today if it weren’t for the in-vitro fertilization specialists, ob/gyn physicians, and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) team at UI Health Care.

VBAC expertise of UI Health Care certified nurse-midwives allows Emily to deliver her baby naturally

Certified nurse-midwife Jaclyn Roman, ARNP, holds Eleanor
The UI Health Care Midwifery Clinic can help guide a safe, natural childbirth, even after previous C-sections.

After trying a new nonsurgical knee treatment, Kellie can keep up with her grandkids again

Kellie Lincoln goes kayaking
To avoid surgery, Kellie chose a new treatment that used her own fat cells to heal her knee and get her moving again.

Kindergarten teacher returns to classroom after surviving COVID-19

Jaime Humes photo
For two weeks in late August and early September 2020, Jaime Humes stayed isolated in a hospital room near her hometown of DeWitt, Iowa, diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia and unable to see family or friends. The only human contact she had was with the members of her care team, who monitored her oxygen levels, administered medications, or changed her body position.