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Walk-in COVID-19 vaccinations available

Walk-in vaccinations are available for people age 18 and older at UI Hospitals & Clinics between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the Pomerantz Family Pavilion Level 2 Pharmacy. Take Elevator L to Level 2.

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Notice: COVID-19 vaccines are authorized for individuals 5 years of age and older.

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Notice: Additional (third) doses of COVID-19 vaccines are only approved for individuals who are considered moderately to severely immunocompromised:

  • Been receiving active cancer treatment for tumors, or cancers of the blood
  • Received an organ transplant and are taking medicine to suppress the immune system
  • Received a stem cell transplant within the last 2 years or are taking medicine to suppress the immune system
  • Moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency (such as DiGeorge syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome)
  • Advanced or untreated HIV infection
  • Active treatment with high-dose corticosteroids or other drugs that may suppress your immune response

If you are unsure if you meet these criteria, please contact your primary care provider.

Notice: First and second boosters are now available for certain populations. While most of the public is likely eligible for a first booster, only a limited population that is age 50+, or moderately or severely immunocompromised is eligible for a second booster.

CDC’s recommendations do allow for you to mix and match dosing for booster shots across manufacturers. Consider talking with your provider to determine if mix and matching dosing for booster shots is best for you.

Learn more from the CDC.

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