Clinical Services Provided by Pharmacists

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Clinical Pharmacy Specialists provide care to patients that have established care at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. These pharmacists work with other members of the health care team to promote optimal patient outcomes. Please consult with your UI physician to determine if you would benefit from working with a pharmacist.

Pharmacy Services for Hospitalized Patients

Acute care (inpatient) pharmacists specialize in medication use for patients who require hospitalization. Every patient who receives care under our hospital services will receive individualized care from a clinical pharmacist with expertise in the specific area of concern.

Ask your nurse about our Meds-to-Beds program.

Meds-to-Beds is a free service that offers education about medication, and delivers prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to patients before they leave the hospital. Learn more.

Inpatient pharmacists work with patients in the following ways:

  • Ask you questions about the medications you are taking at home
  • Attend daily rounds with the health care team
  • Make sure you are getting the right medication therapy during your stay
  • Monitor how your medications are working
  • Monitor for possible side effects from medications
  • Teach you about your medications
  • Help you receive the same or similar medications when you leave the hospital
  • Address your questions and concerns about medications

Anticoagulation Case Management Service

The Anticoagulation Case Management Service (ACMS) provides anticoagulation care to patients that have established primary care with a physician provider in the following clinics:

  • General Internal Medicine Clinic
  • Family Medicine Clinic
  • Primary Care Clinic North
  • Cardiology Cardiomyopathy LVAD Clinic

The Anticoagulation Case Management Service was developed to maximize patient care for patients requiring anticoagulant therapy, the use of medications such as warfarin to keep the blood from forming clots.

By monitoring clinical responses and providing ongoing patient education, the program prevents unnecessary adverse drug effects associated with warfarin therapy. The goals of this service are to effectively manage patients' anticoagulation therapy, reduce the occurrence of adverse patient outcomes and lower total health care expenses.
A major focus of the ACMS is to carefully review all drug therapy with each patient in order to prevent drug-drug interactions that can adversely affect the patient's therapy and underlying condition. Patients referred to and followed by the Anticoagulation Case Management Service at the UI Hospitals & Clinics receive individualized comprehensive monitoring and management of their anticoagulant therapy.

During each visit, the ACMS team assesses patients for signs and symptoms of thromboembolism and hemorrhage. Drug and diet therapies are assessed to evaluate drug-drug, drug-food and drug-disease state interactions that may affect the patient's anticoagulant therapy. When indicated, a lab test (i.e., INR) is ordered to assess the patient's level of anticoagulation. Based on the clinical pharmacist's evaluation of drug and diet therapies, medical conditions and the level of anticoagulation, the patient's anticoagulant therapy is adjusted to maintain the level of anticoagulation in the optimal range. The services pharmacists provide in this clinic work under collaborative practice agreement with physicians.

Pain Management Clinic

Patients that have been referred to the Pain Management Clinic have the benefit of working with providers in a team-based setting. Our clinical specialists in pain management work collaboratively with physicians under collaborative practice agreement to provide multidisciplinary care to patients as well as advancing medical and pharmacy education and research.

To learn more about clinical pharmacy services in this clinic, please contact the Pain Management Clinic.

    Pharmacotherapy Clinic

    The Pharmacotherapy Clinic specializes in the care and management of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Pharmacists in this clinic work with patients more intensively in between physician visits to more closely manage these illnesses in addition to providing patient education.

    To be enrolled in this clinic, you must have established primary care with either the General Internal Medicine Clinic or with the Primary Care Clinic North

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