Donation Information: DeGowin Blood Center

Donating Blood

Your blood donation will take about 45 minutes. You can make an appointment, stop by for a donation (walk-ins are accepted) or donate at one of the DeGowin Blood Center drives in the community.

Donation Intervals

The UI DeGowin Blood Center has changed the intervals at which a donor can donate blood products. The changes are dependent on the type of donation and are outlined below. If you need assistance determining your eligibility, please contact us at 319-356-2058.

Whole Blood

The donor interval for a whole blood donation is dependent on the age of the donor. Donors who are 16 or 17 years of age can donate whole blood every 20 weeks. Donors who are 18 to 24 years of age can donate whole blood every 16 weeks. Donors who are 25 or older can donate every 8 weeks.

A donors ferritin level, or iron stores is an ongoing topic of discussion nationally. While donation is allowed every 8 weeks, the UI DeGowin Blood Center is limiting donations for those under 25 years of age in order to help these donors maintain a healthy ferritin level. This population is more susceptible to iron deficiency.

Platelets, Plasma, Red Cells (Apheresis Donation)

Platelets can be donated through an apheresis donation every 7 days but no more than 24 times in a rolling 12 month time period. Concurrent plasma can be donated once a month or every 28 days. Concurrent red cells can be donated based on the same intervals as a whole blood donation.