Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cosmetic Prices and Financing

Our cosmetic team is highly skilled with advanced training and credentials. We offer a full array of cutting-edge techniques that allow both surgical and non-surgical options in a safe, comfortable setting. During your consultation we take time to learn about you and your goals. We can help develop an individualized treatment plan assuring the very best cosmetic care within a budget that meets your needs.

Cosmetic Consultation Fee

Our cosmetic consultation fee is $100. This fee will then be applied towards your future cosmetic care when it occurs within 12 months of your consultation appointment.

Cosmetic Care Quotation

Quotations for individualized cosmetic care (e.g. procedures, surgery) are provided following completion of your consultation, examination, and discussion of your goals with our care team. All fees are then carefully outlined in a personalized financial agreement for your reference and signature.

Additional FAQ

Will my insurance cover the cost of the cosmetic care?

Generally speaking, health insurance carriers and plans often exclude cosmetic interventions from their policies. However, whether or not a procedure is considered cosmetic depends on many factors. Exceptions can occur if your procedure is medically indicated by your insurance policy. If so, then your insurance carrier may decide to cover a portion or all of the cost of the procedure. Because health insurance matters can be difficult to understand, we encourage you to explore these issues with our staff during your cosmetic consultation appointment.

Is financing available for the cost of cosmetic care?

UI Health Care partners with Green State Credit Union to provide financing for cosmetic procedures. To learn more or to apply, talk to our staff, or call Patient and Financial Services at 1-319-384-6275 or toll free at 1-866-452-8506.

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What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, personal and bank checks, and most major credit cards.

When is payment due?

If your cosmetic care involves surgery, we require at least 50% payment in order to schedule and reserve the surgery date. We collect the remaining amount at either your pre-surgery appointment or two weeks prior to the scheduled surgery date, whichever comes first. Full payment is due prior to the surgery being performed.

What is CosmetAssure?

CosmetAssure is a special type of insurance policy covering possible complications and associated costs—subject to policy terms—when our board certified plastic surgeons are involved in your care. CosmetAssure coverage is automatically included in our cosmetic financial agreements when your provider includes one or more of our board certified plastic surgeons.