Erectile dysfunction

What you need to know about its causes and treatments

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is a common condition that affects about 30 million men in the United States and 150 million men around the world.

Some men aren’t comfortable talking about erectile dysfunction, and that’s perfectly natural. Taking the time to learn about erectile dysfunction is the first—and often most difficult—step in the process of getting the help you need to restore your sexual health.

This presentation prepared by the University of Iowa Men’s Health Program explains what causes erectile dysfunction and the many treatment options available.

How to get started with your erectile dysfunction care

If you’re interested in speaking with a University of Iowa Men’s Health Program provider about your sexual function, we invite you to make an appointment. Our providers can usually see you within a month.

You can visit us in person, or you can choose a telehealth video visit—a video appointment with a doctor from the comfort of home.

Watch the entire presentation of 14 brief videos:

You can also watch each individual video on its own page using our site menu.

As you view this presentation, remember these important points:

  • Don’t assume you have to live with erectile dysfunction as you get older. You should expect to experience some decline in your sexual health as you age, but age is rarely the only cause of erectile dysfunction. Nerve function, blood vessel function, and even medications you’re taking can also play a role.
  • We have a solution to restore sexual health for almost every man who seeks help from our program. Because of our wide range of options and our deep expertise, there are very few men who we can’t help.
  • If you’re not ready to discuss your sexual health in an in-person appointment, you can meet with a University of Iowa Men’s Health Program physician online in a telehealth visit first.
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August 2020
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