Exercise to be good to your heart

Georgios Christodoulidis, MD exercises on a treadmill at home

Regular exercise has health impacts well beyond heart health, says UI Heart and Vascular Center cardiologist Georgios Christodoulidis, MD. The key, though, is making time to get it done.

“Regular exercise is of utmost importance for our cardiovascular health,” he says. “Among other benefits, exercise helps us in maintaining our ideal weight and controlling diabetes and blood pressure. 

Make time for exercise when you can

However, finding time in our busy, everyday schedule can be challenging. Trying to exercise ‘whenever I have time’ rarely works; try to schedule an hour of exercise at least three days each week.”

Christodoulidis tries to make it to the gym three times – twice on weekends and once during the week.

He offers one tip in preplanning a weekly gym visit:

  • Check which weekday is your easiest day and plan to exercise that day.

Can't exercise every day? No problem.

“As far as the other ‘non-exercise’ days, try to stick to the rule of 10,000 steps per day. A smart watch, pedometer, or an app on your phone can give you a relatively good estimation of your steps.”

Want to fit in some more steps?

Park the furthest away possible in the parking lot at your work (or walk to work if your job is relatively close) and use the stairs instead of the elevators.

Last reviewed: 
January 2019

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