Know the risk: Thanksgiving activities and COVID-19

Always keep in mind the number of people present, the space you're in, and make sure you wear a mask in all activities when not with members of your household.

Keep in mind that to make activities safe and low risk, you should:

  • Wear a mask when with others outside of your household
  • Always keep a distance of at least six feet from others
  • Wash your hands often

Food and family

Illustration of a house
Low risk

Dinner with members of your household or virtual dinner with friends and family

Illustration of a table and chairs under an umbrella
Medium risk

Small dinner outside with people outside your household

Illustration of a fork, knife, and plate
High risk

Attend or host an indoor gathering with people outside your household


Illustration of a hand selecting a link
Low risk

Shop online for holiday gifts

Illustration of a clock
Medium risk

Shop in stores during less crowded days or hours

Illustration of a full shopping bag
High risk

Shop in crowded stores


Illustration of a stopwatch
Low risk

Time your run and participate in a virtual race

Illustration of a person running
Medium risk

Participate in a race, keeping distance from others at all times

Illustration of a person winning a race by breaking tape at the finish line
High risk

Running in or watching a crowded race

Last reviewed: 
November 2021

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