Penile implant for erectile dysfunction

A penile implant is an internal device that makes the penis erect using fluid stored in the device. You control your erections by pushing a button. The device is similar to a pacemaker: It’s entirely inside your body and can’t be seen externally.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The components of a penile implant and how they work together:
    • A cylinder that is implanted in each of the erectile bodies
    • A pump that is implanted between the testicles
    • A fluid reservoir sits between the abdominal wall and the bladder.
  • How to use the pump to get an erection and end an erection
  • Other considerations, including:
    • Reliability of the implant and the effect that can have on the spontaneity in your sex life
    • Risks
    • How long the device will last
    • Cost, including insurance coverage
Last reviewed: 
August 2020
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