Warfarin: What you need to know

What is warfarin?

Warfarin is a drug that is used to treat and prevent blood clots. This is also known as an anticoagulant. It is sometimes called a blood thinner. Blood thinners do not actually “thin” your blood; they make it less likely to clot.

Why do I need warfarin?

Normally your blood will clot after an injury. However, some people can form blood clots without being injured. This can be very serious. You have been prescribed warfarin to help stop your body from making harmful blood clots.

Why are blood clots dangerous?

Blood clots are dangerous because they can stop blood and oxygen from getting to the rest of your body. Sometimes this can cause death. Blood clots can form in your arteries, veins, or heart. They can break off and travel through your blood. This may cause a stroke when they get stuck in blood vessels of the brain. They can also go to the lungs.


Last reviewed: 
December 2021

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