What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination

As more Iowans and individuals across the country become vaccinated against COVID-19, you might wonder about what it means to be fully vaccinated and what you might expect to change.

How can I tell when I'm fully vaccinated?

You'll be fully vaccinated after meeting different criteria based on which vaccine you received. Use Richard, Kate, and Ahmed as examples to determine where you are at in the process:

Illustration of Richard

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

Richard has received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Two doses needed
  • Two doses received
  • Two weeks since second dose
Richard is fully vaccinated

Illustration of Kate speaking

Johnson & Johnson Janssen COVID-19 vaccine

Kate has received the Johnson & Johnson Janssen COVID-19 vaccine:

  • One dose needed
  • One dose received
  • Two weeks since dose
Kate is fully vaccinated

Illustration of Ahmed

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Ahmed has received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Two doses needed
  • Two doses received
  • Two weeks since second dose
Ahmed is fully vaccinated

You're fully vaccinated–now what?

Illustration of a man getting a vaccine from his doctor

It has been more than two weeks since the final dose of your vaccine. What can you do now?

You can now resume many activities you did prior to the pandemic without wearing a mask or social distancing

Illustration of two men grabbing coffee together
Illustration of a woman and man greeting one another

Continue to follow these safety guidelines

You should continue to follow federal, state, and local guidelines as well as wear your mask when required, like on buses or in certain businesses.

You should stay home and get tested for COVID-19 if you begin to feel ill.

Illustration of a man shopping while wearing a mask
Last reviewed: 
June 2021

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