News Articles

  • Last March, Jon Maakestad, a safety compliance specialist who runs the reagent lab of the Department of Pathology, received a call with one important question: Could the lab produce the reagent necessary for COVID-19 testing? Fast forward to today, and the reagent lab is churning out 600 to 1000 test kits every day. Read more
  • University of Iowa Health Care now has in-house capability to conduct highly accurate serology (antibody) testing for COVID-19. These tests detect the presence of antibodies to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and can be used to determine whether a person has had COVID-19. Read more
  • Medical laboratory scientist Lisa Horning is involved in an important aspect of coronavirus preparedness and response at UI Hospitals & Clinics. She manages the supply and distribution of oral and nasal swabs that are used to collect samples from patients for COVID-19 testing. Read more
  • Each September, the American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes Women in Medicine. This year, UI Health Care is putting our own spin on the month, celebrating our providers for the work they do in patient care, research, and women’s health advocacy. Read more