Former CNA finds her passion as a neuroscience nurse

CNA Rachel Krueger
As a neuroscience nurse, Rachel Krueger, RN, says, “It’s incredibly rewarding to see a patient come to the unit who might not be able to talk or walk or feed themselves and watch them walk out of here.”

Siemens Healthineers and University of Iowa Health Care Team Up to Advance Care for Iowans Over the Next Decade

Siemens Healthineers and University of Iowa Health Care have established a 10-year Value Partnership that builds on a long-standing relationship and will help advance care in Iowa over the next decade.

Iowa hospitals are experiencing the worst chapter of the pandemic so far. Here’s how you can stop it from getting worse

UI Hospitals & Clinics CEO Suresh Gunasekaran shares the very serious situation Iowa hospitals are experiencing and sends out a plea for Iowans to make personal sacrifices and commit to following the guidelines that help stop the spread.

COVID-19 vaccine development updates

Watch infectious disease specialist, Patricia Winokur, MD, discuss progress on finding a vaccine for COVID-19 and how the clinical trials at UI Health Care are going.

7 tips to watch the Hawkeyes safely during COVID-19

Facemask with the Hawkeye logo and "No penalty for wearing this facemask" written on it
It’s nearly time to flip on the TV and watch the Iowa Hawkeyes battle it out on the football field. But as the buzz of excitement grows, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 has no allegiance.

13 spooky (and safe) ways to celebrate autumn this year

Pumpkin sitting on the ground in the forest
Autumn means cooler weather, the crunch of leaves, and some spooky Halloween fun. But with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, it can be hard to know how you can have the traditional seasonal fun while still staying safe.

When should you get your flu vaccination?

Timing is everything, at least it is when it comes to receiving your annual flu vaccination. Getting vaccinated too early in the season may mean reduced protection against the flu later in the season. Getting vaccinated too late may mean you won’t be covered during peak times.

Health inequities exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Family Medicine physician Emad Abou-Arab, MD, explains why some Americans are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Holly Inman treats every cancer patient like family

Holly Inman, RN, BSN, speaks to a patient
When Marika Klesic was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, she felt confident being treated by her employer, UI Hospitals & Clinics. When Klesic received incredible care from a nurse, she was grateful.

PICU nurse strives for positivity and comfort in patient care

Kayla Piplani
Recognizing the emotional toll that often accompanies a hospital visit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) nurse Kayla Piplani, BSN, RN, strives to offer a little reprieve for her patients and their families.