Midweek Meditations

midweek meditations poster

Note: Midweek Meditations are an opportunity for relaxation and renewal for staff, patients, and families. Currently on summer break, Midweek Meditations will resume in the fall. It is our hope to offer them in the L12 Meditation Room and by Zoom Wednesdays from 12:10–12:50 p.m. To listen to the podcasts, see the meditation offerings below.

Breath Meditation

This restorative practice utilizes breath techniques in meditation that help release physical and mental tension and improve well-being. Participants will also learn a heart opening meditation for freeing sadness and fear and experiencing more calm, connection, and loving kindness. 

Discover Meditation

This is a meditation series utilizing meditations from renown teachers across the country. Each session will introduce a meditation and technique.

Living Peace Meditation

This is a meditation aimed at inner peace, no matter what challenges are presenting themselves in participants’ lives. The guided imagery meditation offers a respite of peace and a chance for self-care. Participants will also discover how to be a more peaceful presence to those around. Meditation is led by Karen Fox. 

Mindfulness Meditation

This is a practice of paying attention to what is here in this moment with open-hearted acceptance. With this technique, you will discover how to respond skillfully to stress, care for yourself and those around you, and improve your general well-being and happiness. Led by UI Hospitals & Clinics Mindfulness Program staff. 

Sound Healing Meditation

Enjoy this guided meditation and sound bath with singing bowls. The bowls’ vibrational frequencies will bring relaxation and restoration to mind and body.

Singing Meditation

Singing Meditation, a time to sing songs for wellbeing and upliftment, has been suspended until we can gather together again in the Meditation Room of L12 Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Until then, visit these sites of oral tradition songs from community sing songwriters across the country and world: