Midweek Meditations

Midweek Meditations take place most Wednesdays from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m. in the Meditation Room of University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital (Level 12), and are an opportunity for midweek restoration and renewal open to all, staff, patients, and family.

First Wednesday

Singing Meditation: Sing songs for healing, empowerment, connection, and fun with Iowa City Community Sing. Song leaders teach songs with easy-to-learn parts and pleasurable rhythms that require no previous experience and will enrich your day. All voices and ages welcome (also streamed live on hospital channel 115).

Second Wednesday

Breath to Heart Meditation: This restorative practice utilizes breath techniques in meditation that help release physical and mental tension and improve well-being. Participants will also learn a heart opening meditation for freeing sadness and fear and experiencing more calm, connection, and loving kindness.

Third Wednesday

Living Peace Meditation: This is a meditation aimed at inner peace, no matter what challenges are presenting themselves in participants’ lives. The guided imagery meditation offers a respite of peace and a chance for self-care. Participants will also discover how to be a more peaceful presence to those around. Led by Karen Fox.

Fourth Wednesday

Mindfulness Meditation: This is a practice of paying attention to what is here in this moment with open-hearted acceptance. With this technique, you will discover how to respond skillfully to stress, care for yourself and those around you, and improve your general well-being and happiness. Led by UI Hospitals & Clinics Mindfulness Program staff. 

For those who cannot attend, this program is available live, view it on your device or from hospital channel 115. To view it on your device, follow these instructions for set-up. The meditation will begin at 12:10 p.m.

Fifth Wednesday

Every fifth Wednesday we offer a special meditation, such as Sound Healing Meditation or Mandala Meditation. For questions regarding upcoming meditations, contact Spiritual Services staff Lois Cole, lois-cole@uiowa.edu