UI Hospitals & Clinics offering real-time text updates during surgery

UI Hospitals & Clinics has begun to roll out a new feature to keep friends and family informed during a patient’s surgical procedure. Up to two people designated by the patient will receive text updates of the progress of the surgery and into recovery.

Example text messages may include:

iPhone with example text message
  • “The procedure has begun.” 
  • “The patient has been placed on bypass.” 
  • “The surgeon is closing the site.” 
  • “The patient is now in the recovery area.” 

Those receiving the messages can be local or anywhere across the country.

“We think our families will really appreciate this new service, as it will keep them informed and reassured while their loved one is in surgery,” says Sabi Singh, MS, MA, chief operating officer. “We’re doing this as a direct result of patient feedback, as we continue to strive for the best experience possible for our patients and families.”

The main operating room at UI Hospitals & Clinics began this service on May 6. Other procedural areas in the hospital such as the Ambulatory Surgery Center, and UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital operating room will begin over the coming months.

On the day of surgery, the patient or designee will fill out a form listing their two chosen contact people, including each person’s name, phone number, and relationship to the patient. Incoming message and data rates may apply, depending on the carrier. All messages are HIPAA compliant.

Alex Nance, director of the Office of the Patient Experience, adds, “We spoke with our Patient and Family Advisory Board members about this concept and based on their overwhelmingly positive response, we are excited and confident that this new text update process will be a positive benefit to patients and their loved one’s care experience at UI Hospitals & Clinics.”