Family Updates During Surgery

We are happy to start giving you and your family a new way to get updates and stay informed during the surgical process.

We heard you

We are now offering surgical updates through text messages because of the comments you have shared related to the importance of updates during surgery. Based on your surgery length, your family will get updates on the progress of your surgery in real time.

iPhone with example text message

Text messages may be:

  • “The procedure has begun.”
  • “The patient has been placed on bypass.”
  • “The surgeon is closing the site.”
  • “The patient is now in the recovery area.”

Text messaging helps connect operating rooms with families

Text messaging is simple and one of the most widely used features on cell phones today. For us, it is a new pathway to share information with waiting families. 

  • You do not need to download an app to get messages.
  • Incoming message and data rates may apply, depending on your carrier.

Safeguards in place

Text messages are sent from an internal system to all cellular carrier networks. People who are inside the hospital and out of town can be sent HIPAA compliant messages to their cell phones. A test text message will be sent to each enrolled number when you are admitted.

Communication flow

When you go into the operating room, we will give updates to your enrolled family members. They will get updates during your procedure and into your recovery phase.

How can my family get text messages during my surgical procedure?

On the day of your surgery:

Bring this completed form with you:

Download and print a text message request form

You will need to give verbal consent as well.