Occupational Medicine Clinic

Anyone with work-related health problems can be evaluated in the Occupational Medicine Clinic.

Staff members understand the relationship between work-related exposures and health problems. Clinic physicians are certified in occupational medicine, internal medicine, preventive medicine, and pulmonary medicine. Social workers and industrial hygienists provide care and education through evaluating work environments and providing advice on prevention techniques.

The Clinic: 

  • Evaluates medical problems arising from occupational and environmental exposures
  • Provides
    • Diagnostic testing services
    • Expert care for patients with work-related health problems
    • Medical recommendations
    • Occupational and environmental interventions

The Clinic Services Include:

  • Advice on how to limit further exposure to harmful elements
  • Assistance with medical and legal aspects of a work-related diagnosis
  • Clinical evaluation with a physical examination and laboratory tests that include an assessment of all work-related problems
  • Coping strategies for health problems
  • Detailed clinical letter describing the findings from the evaluation
  • Evaluation of work and environment exposures by an industrial hygienist
  • Formal impairment evaluations
  • Ongoing medical care for work-related conditions

Care Team