2016 Transplant Games Athlete — Mary Beth Murray

The Gift of Life for a Friend in Need

Mary Beth Murray Transplant GamesMary Beth Murray, from Davenport, Iowa, first decided to become a kidney donor when her father experienced kidney issues. Unfortunately, she was not a compatible match. She was similarly unable to donate when her older sister faced the same kidney issues as their father—again she was not a compatible match.

Determined to make a difference through organ donation, Mary Beth decided to help Eric Burge, a lifelong friend, when he began to have health issues. She proved that sometimes the third time is a charm, finding she was the perfect match.

On Jan. 3, 2013, Mary Beth underwent surgery and successfully helped her friend in need.

From the Operating Room to the Transplant Games

This year, she and Eric participated in the 2016 Transplant Games, which was held June 10-15 in Cleveland, Ohio. They competed together in the Transplant Games' donor/recipient bowling. Mary Beth also competed alone in track and field events.

To Eric and Mary Beth, the Transplant Games mean celebrating life and being together with friends, family, and the community. She knows how much her donation means to her recipient, Eric, and his family, and the respect he has for this gift is all she can ask for.

Learn more about Eric Burge and how Mary Beth Murray's donation helped, or find more information about the UI Organ Transplant Center today.