Shilo’s thyroid cancer surgery story

Shilo Dahlgren as an inpatient
Cancer survivor Shilo Dahlgren is being surrounded by her loving children.

I believe God has everything happen for a reason. I was debating three different places to get my thyroid surgery when my local news ran a story about a teenage boy who had thyroid cancer surgery at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.

I looked up your website and found Dr. Geeta Lal’s video. She really connected to me. She was talking about how she believes in holistic medicine, and I feel that this is a mental, physical, and emotional experience as well. She also talked about how the person going through the cancer is important to their family and to their community. That really touched me as we have a very large family. We have four biological children and four adopted.

Shilo Dahlgren's children wearing my mom is a surviver shirtSo we came and met with Dr. Lal, and I just knew in my heart this was where I was supposed to be by the way she explained things and reassured me. 

In a situation that could have been very overwhelming, it has been very easy for me. Every doctor, nurse, and student we have come in contact with has been very caring and thorough. This hospital can seem very large. The directions given by the staff have been very clear and easy to follow.

My surgery could not have gone better. I went to sleep feeling safe and like I was in good hands. When I woke up, I was treated with care and felt like I was a priority.

Shilo Dahlgren
Urbandale, Iowa