Genetic Counseling at University of Iowa Health Care

The Importance of Specialty-Trained Professional Genetic Counselors

Genetic counselors are professionals with specific education, training and experience in accurately interpreting the complexities of genetics in human health and disease. Part of their role includes helping patients and their families understand the role genetics may play in the risk, prevention, and development of a disease.

Genetic counselors at University of Iowa Health Care advocate for the patient's informed choice regarding their healthcare. Genetic counseling, however, does not equal genetic testing – not all patients may wish or choose to undergo genetic testing.

Where You Go for Genetic Counseling Does Matter

Genetic counselors with University of Iowa Health Care are board-certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling. At University of Iowa Health Care, genetic counselors further specialize in specific areas of genetic counseling such as cancer or cardiology. Our genetic counselors ensure that you receive quality information that is both accurate and relevant to you and your prevention, treatment, or risk of disease. 

Our genetic counselors are an important part of the care team for those affected by hereditary conditions or disease. By partnering with your referring physician, our counselors provide patients with important information regarding disease risk, management, prevention, and screening.

The Genetic Counselor’s Growing Role

“The need for genetic counselors is growing, especially as health care providers move more toward using precision medicine tailored on a patient’s DNA variants rather than broad groups of patients,” says Colleen Campbell, PhD, MS, LGC, a genetic counselor and director of UI Health Care Genetic Counseling.

The University of Iowa Difference and the Benefit to Our Patients

Often patients do not receive the appropriate information or counsel to help them interpret and understand the results. In Iowa, there currently are no licensure standards to ensure that those providing genetic counseling services are qualified to do so. 

Our experienced, board-certified genetic counselors with University of Iowa Health Care will help you understand which genetic tests provide "clinically actionable" information – and help you understand which genetic variants are known to cause disease and how you may prevent a disease from occurring or alter its progression.

All genetic counselors with University of Iowa Health Care have in-depth education and training in genetic counseling.  In fact, our counselors are board-certified in their specific areas of expertise, including:

Committed to Educating the Next Generation of Leaders in Genetic Counseling

At University of Iowa Health Care, we are committed to improving the standard of care for patients who participate in genetic counseling.

University of Iowa Health Care genetic counselors are actively engaged in educating the general public about the important role of genetic counselors in interpreting complex scientific data and providing patients with accurate information and guidance on their disease risk and prevention.

University of Iowa Health Care genetic counselors and Carver College of Medicine are also committed to fostering an educational pipeline to encourage young students who are interested in careers in precision medicine and genetic counseling to successfully obtain their goals.

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