Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program: Why Choose Us?

The Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics uses advanced treatments to cure blood cancers. Our team, which consists of representatives from various specialties, provides compassionate and coordinated care in a patient-centered environment.

Our experienced team has provided over 4,000 stem cell transplants—adult, pediatric, allogeneic and autologous—since 1980. Additionally, the UI Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program is your first choice for many reasons:

Patient Testimonials

Doctor Patient

“Thank you for 8 years of extraordinarily wonderful care. On my comparison list, no one will ever do a better job than you did. Thank you for all you did for the both of us—as a caregiver, you gave me all the information I needed to understand and manage this disease.”

- Caregiver for an autologous transplant multiple myeloma patients

“On the one year anniversary of my transplant, I thank you all for your wisdom, compassion and great care. I am savoring each day as a gift.”

- Autologous transplant non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor

Honors and Recognition

Fact Badge Asset Index FACT Accreditation

Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy. This accreditation certifies that our program meets evidence-based, rigorous requirements set by world-renowned experts in the science of cellular therapy.

NCCI Badge Asset Index National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center Designation

The Holden Cancer Center at the University of Iowa is one of 41 centers nationally to receive the comprehensive cancer center designation. This designation is awarded to centers that demonstrate substantial interdisciplinary research bridging scientific areas as well as significant public education and outreach efforts.

Nationally Ranked Adult Care BadgeU.S. News & World Report

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics is ranked nationally in adult and pediatric specialties, including Adult Cancer Care and Pediatric Cancer Care.

Medicare Approved Transplant Facility

Meets Medicare’s volume and survival criteria.

Blue Distinct Center for Transplant

Meets objective, evidence-based thresholds for clinical quality and has demonstrated commitment to quality care, resulting in better overall outcomes for transplant patients.

Optum Health Transplant “Center of Excellence”

Meets Optum Health’s strict criteria regarding Outcomes, Program Structure, and Program Process.

American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Recognition

Recognizes healthcare organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice.

Joint Commission

The gold seal of approval indicates that UI Hospitals & Clinics is in full compliance with all applicable Joint Commission standards.

The National Marrow Donor Program Certification

Ensures that donors and patients receive high quality care and that government standards are met.