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  • STEPPS (Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving) is an effective treatment for borderline personality disorder.
  • The 22-week evidence-based educational program teaches individuals about the behaviors and feelings that describe their disorder as well as skills to change behaviors and manage feelings.
  • Individuals in the program meet for two hours once a week in a group setting.
  • After an individual completes the 22-week program, he or she has several choices.
    • For example, some individuals choose to repeat the program.
    • There is also the option of an 8-week refresher course for those who have completed STEPPS.
    • Other individuals choose to enter a follow-up program called STAIRWAYS™, which meets twice a month for one year and helps them work on additional skills.

Information For Those Considering Joining

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  • James Burkhalter, LMSW