Cochlear Implant Clinic

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that provides sound to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. A cochlear implant bypasses damaged structures of the inner ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve.

Specialists working in the Iowa Cochlear Implant Center offer support to pediatric and adult cochlear implant patients. This support includes initial diagnostic evaluations to determine candidacy, proper fitting of the cochlear implant, and continuous follow-up support to ensure that the greatest benefit is derived from the cochlear implant.

Why Choose Us?

In an attempt to better understand cochlear implant performance levels, the Iowa cochlear implant team has proposed innovative research protocols that have led to many research milestones.

All About Cochlear Implants

Learn more about how a cochlear implant device works, who may be a good candidate for its use, the costs, and the benefits.

Cochlear Implants Glossary

Many terms are used in describing the science and technology behind the cochlear implant device.

Research Studies Involving Cochlear Implants

We have several active studies underway that may have openings for candidates.

Care Team

Physician, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery