In-person cardiac rehabilitation reopens at Iowa River Landing

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation facilities at Iowa River Landing

The Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program will reopen at UI Health Care—Iowa River Landing on Monday, Nov. 15.

In-person cardiac rehabilitation was temporarily suspended in 2020 to create space and resources for the COVID-19 Antibody Infusion Clinic.

In-person cardiac rehabilitation will resume normal activity at UI Health Care–Iowa River Landing, with new equipment and technology to provide the best rehabilitation experience for patients.

Weightlifting equipment at Iowa River Landing

“When you have a heart attack or undergo bypass or stenting, it’s a life-changing and often scary experience. We are excited to be back for our patients to feel safe and supported on their journey to a healthier lifestyle,” says Michael Powell, MHA, RDSM, RVT, program manager with UI Heart and Vascular Center.

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation is based on each patient’s individual goals and abilities to help restore physical function, reduce the risk of future cardiac events, and incorporate exercise and healthy choices into their daily routines.

Patients must be referred to this program based on a diagnosis or recent cardiovascular event.