UI Heart and Vascular Center offers first non-surgical treatment for tricuspid valve regurgitation in Iowa

Interventional cardiologist Sidakpal Panaich, MBBS with patient (This photo taken prior to COVID-19)
Interventional cardiologist Sidakpal Panaich, MBBS with patient

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics is the first and only hospital in Iowa to offer a transcatheter repair option for patients with tricuspid valve regurgitation. This condition causes blood to leak backwards into the upper right chamber of the heart. Patients with tricuspid valve regurgitation are usually sick with multiple conditions and don’t have many treatment options.

This new treatment option is as part of a national clinical trial. The trial allows the University of Iowa, the only participating institution in the state, to offer a less-invasive procedure than open-heart surgery.

“A lot of these patients are too sick to undergo an open-heart procedure, being able to improve or treat their condition without the risk of surgery is a big advantage,” says cardiothoracic surgeon Mohammad Bashir, MBBS, surgical director of the Structural Heart Disease Program. “We are very fortunate to have access to this technology early on and have the expertise needed to deal with such complex patients.”

The new treatment option brings together the leaflets of the heart valve to stop blood from leaking. UI Health Care experts have extensive training in repairing other heart valves using a similar technique for high-risk cases. We have comprehensive teams composed of interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and imaging cardiologists who review every case to provide the best treatment option tailored for the individual patient.

“The valve team at University of Iowa has been at the forefront of new clinical trials with a high volume of complex percutaneous valve repair and replacement procedures,” says interventional cardiologist Sidakpal Panaich, MBBS, medical director of the Structural Heart Disease Program. “The collaboration between our specialists makes this treatment option and type of care possible.”

Patients with this condition can ask their provider for a referral to the Structural Heart Disease Program to be evaluated for this trial.                                

UI Heart and Vascular Center is the only comprehensive heart center in Iowa offering treatment options for the most complex heart conditions, and clinical trials are bringing new treatment options to all Iowans.