Take control of your health.

In a world where many things feel out of your control, your health shouldn’t be one of them. If you’ve been putting off new symptoms or follow-up of your health care, now is the time to contact your doctor and resume taking care of yourself. University of Iowa Health Care doctors are ready to care for you—it doesn’t always have to be in person—and they know how to keep you safe. Even during the pandemic, you should get the care you need. We’re here for you.

Whenever we can, we’re giving you options so you can choose how to keep up with your care. These include in-person visits, video visits and messaging your provider through MyChart.

Sometimes an in-person visit is the best option. We’re making UI Hospitals & Clinics one of the safest public places you can visit, so you can concentrate on your health care during your visit.

Let us know you need care. That’s the first step. Your doctor and care team will work with you to decide what’s best for you.

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Here’s what you can do to stay safe while you get the care you need.

Social distancing

Keep at least 6 feet between yourself and other people during your visit. We’re doing our part to support you while you do that. Our employees are instructed to keep six feet apart. In places where people normally gather in groups or to wait in line, we have social distancing signs to remind everyone to stay 6 feet apart. We’re rearranging chairs in waiting rooms and other public areas so you can be safe as you wait for your appointment.


If you have one available, you should wear your own mask or face covering to your appointment.

Hand hygiene

Use the hand hygiene stations throughout our facilities. Please be sure to use the hand sanitizer or wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water when you enter the hospital or clinic and again before you leave, as well as other times that it’s appropriate (such as before eating or drinking or after using the bathroom).

Here’s what we’re doing to keep you safe.

Strict limits on visitors to our facilities

We’ve limited the number of people who can enter our hospitals and clinics to avoid crowding and to make it easier for everyone to maintain proper social distance. Adult patients are not currently allowed to have visitors, and pediatric patients are allowed one healthy parent or legal guardian.

Screening of every person who enters our facilities

We’ve reduced the number of entrances to the hospital to make sure that we screen everyone for symptoms as they enter. That includes all patients, employees, and visitors. At all hospital entrances, our trained staff will greet you and ask you about your health. They’re also using special thermoscanning technology to check everyone for fever without any physical contact.

If you visit one of our clinics, you can also expect to have your temperature checked and be asked about recent symptoms.

Protective equipment for every employee

Everyone who works for UI Health Care is to wear protective equipment on the job. People who work directly with you should be wearing a face shield and a mask. Even employees who don’t work directly with patients are to wear protective equipment. Every employee has been trained in the use and cleaning of their protective gear. Our goal is to keep ourselves safe so that we’re keeping you safe when you’re here.

Isolation of COVID-19 care areas

Those being treated for COVID-19 at UI Hospitals & Clinics are in a dedicated clinic or unit in isolation. Many of our patients who have COVID-19 aren’t in the hospital at all. They’re taking care of themselves at home in isolation and are being monitored by our staff remotely through our virtual hospital program. Anyone who comes to us with concerns about COVID-19 symptoms is either seen in a video visit or sent to clinic with its own separate entrance. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, call 1-319-384-9010 or schedule a video visit via MyChart.

Special cleaning and disinfecting precautions

Our cleaning staff is taking extra precaution to clean and disinfect surfaces throughout our facilities. They have also received special training to disinfect all rooms used for COVID-19 patients. They clean and disinfect surfaces using special cleaning procedures, including ultraviolet light.

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You may be able to get care without coming to the hospital.

Telehealth video visits to see a provider from your home

Whenever possible, we’re using telehealth video visits and phone calls to have conversations with patients to help us make decisions about their care. You can use your MyChart account to start a video visit with your provider or with UI QuickCare and UI Urgent Care providers.

MyChart to contact your doctor or request an appointment

Your MyChart account is a great way to get in touch with a provider to talk about your symptoms or about how you should get your care. Use MyChart to send a message to your doctor or set up a telehealth video visit. If you don’t have a free MyChart account yet, it’s easy to sign up.

Family Medicine at our convenient Coralville location

If you need to see a Family Medicine provider who you’d normally see at our main UI Hospitals & Clinics location, your appointment will be at our UI Health Care–Iowa River Landing location, conveniently located just off I-80 in Coralville.

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