UI CareLink Established Relationships

A relationship is established when a provider from the provider group is listed as the primary care or referring physician during a visit to University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. Our staff will verify this information with the patient at the time of arrival for the appointment.

Once the relationship is established, the provider group will begin receiving notifications through UI CareLink. Specific medical information for those patients who have listed you as their referring provider in our system will be available to your provider group for 90 days following the last referred encounter at UI Hospitals & Clinics.

It is important that you stress to your patients before their appointment at UI Hospitals & Clinics that they need to confirm that you are their referring or primary physician or other care provider, using your name. Facility or group practice name will not provide the verification necessary. Patients will be asked to confirm this information at the time of scheduling and upon arrival at every appointment. Without that confirmation, you will not be able to access their records through UI CareLink.