Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

The Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) is designed to provide prompt and effective treatment if you are experiencing a mental health emergency, such as an emotional crisis or a psychiatric issue needing medical care right away. At University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics you will be treated by staff who care and understand complex mental health crises.

How the CSU Works

Patients and staff share a calm and open area with comfortable reclining chairs. You are first seen by a nurse, and then you will participate in a psychiatric evaluation with your care team to see how you are doing. You may be offered medicines or therapy to ease your symptoms.

Our care team will then make a stabilization plan with you to help you feel better. We may talk with your friends or family members to learn more about your needs. After we’ve had some time to see how you are doing, you may be given choices for more care. Those choices might be a hospital stay, more medicines, going to therapy, getting connected to community resources, or other care options. 

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please go to the Emergency Department. After you have been medically evaluated, emergency room staff may decide to transfer you to the CSU.

Care Team

Nurse Manager

  • Heidi Robinson, RN